alman1Northwest of Adana at Kıralan, near Karaisalı, can be seen the Alman Köprüsü (German Bridge), a magnificent viaduct slung across a gap in the Taurus Mountains. It was built by German engineers between 1905 and 1916 as part of the plan to create a rail link all the way from Haydarpaşa station in İstanbul to Baghdad. 

The viaduct spans the Çakıt Deresi for 172m and its 11 pillars reach a height of 98m. Further up the valley you can also see the pillars of a temporary bridge built to make it possible to bring materials up to the site. 

The viaduct is still crossed by trains travelling between the Karaisalı and Hacıkırı stations although their times are not very convenient for those on casual visits. 

The Alman Köprüsü is also known as the Koca Köprüsü (Big Bridge) and the Varda Kemer (Varda Viaduct). It shot to worldwide attention in 2012 when it was used in the filming of the James Bond movie, Skyfall.

Facing the viaduct there is a simple tea garden. On the way up from Karaisalı you pass through Yerköprü beside a barrage which has picnic faciities. alman2

The mountain scenery around the viaduct is absolutely spectacular, well worth travelling out here for. 

Transport info

It would be nice to travel to Hacıkırı station from Adana Gar by train but unfortunately to get there and back in the same day would involve a lot of waiting about. 

Although there are minibuses from Adana to Karaisalı they don't continue to Kıralan (Hacıkırı) for the bridge. You may be able to persuade the bus driver to offer an onward "taxi" service but there are no regular taxis in Karaisalı.

Karaisalı buses don't leave from the main Adana Otogar. Instead they leave from a dreary spot beside the Fevzipaşa Cami beside the bus station. There is also a local Adana bus service from Çifte Minare but I never managed to find out where that was!

Returning to Adana you can speed up your journey by getting off the bus at the Hastane Metro station and continuing by Metro to Vilayet, near Adana Gar. 

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