Cheese-making centre                                         Population: 13,600

TeagdnMarket day: Monday

Ezine is a small market town just inland from Çanakkale that is best known for its cheese, a soft creamy white cheese that makes a very popular breakfast ingredient. There's no specific reason to come here although if there are no beds to be had in Çanakkale you might want to stay here instead. 

The Akçin river runs through the town and on its southern side there are some pleasantly traditional cobbled streets (e.g. Uzun Sokak) lined with early 20th-century houses. The Zeytinli Cami here incorporates pieces of Roman masonry in its portico , suggesting that Ezine stands on a much older settlement.

At the other end of town the Ulu Cami also incorporates olded columns in its portico. Originally a Danişmend work of 1382, it was completely rebuilt in 1828.Ezulu

If you're staying at the Hotel Baransel there's a traditional double hamam just across the road. There's also a cluster of köfte (meatball) restaurants beneath a vine here - come for lunch as by 8pm they're mostly shut for the night. 

There's a lovely tea garden shaded by soaring trees on the far side of the river from the Hotel Baransel.


Hotel Baransel

Transport info

There are regular buses to Ezine from Çanakkale (42km) and Ayvacık with connections to Bayramıç.

Services to Geyikli are timed to connect with the ferries to Bozcaada.

Day trip destinations

Very few buses actually use Ezine's dismal bus station. You will probably need to wait outside on the main road for services to Ayvacık, Çanakkale and Bayramiç.





Dalyan (Alexandria Troas)


Kestanbol Kaplıca (spa)

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