"A Quite Sandy Place"                           Population: 32,500

Market day: Friday

Kumluca is a small south coastal town between Tekirova and Finike that thrives on market gardening rather than tourism - from a distance it looks like a sea of glasshouses, most of them, when you get closer, actually made of plastic. You'll probably pass straight through without stopping if you're heading along the coast although if you come up from Çıralı you may have to hang about for a connection.

Tour companies in Çıralı and Olympos bring people here to explore the big Friday market. You can also use Kumluca as a bse for getting to the ancient site of Gagas.

Transport info

Beware. Kumluca has a large white-elephant bus station on its eastern side. It's the only place in Turkey where I have been physically prevented from boarding a bus merely because I had said earlier that I wanted to go somewhere else. Save yourself the hassle and wait on the main street to pick up the through buses. 

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