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gumusluk1Old name: Myndos

As the Bodrum Peninsula grows ever more built-up pretty little Gümüşlük ("Silver Place") remains a haven of tranquility, despite some hideous development on the outskirts. It's over on the far western shore where a lovely sandy beach is backed by a scattering of discreet hotels and restaurants.

Historically this was the settlement of Myndos, first settled by the Lelegians in about 2000 BC, and remains of the old city are scattered about both on the mainland and on Tavşan Adası (Rabbit Island). 

To get to the island at low tide you must wade across from in front of the mermaid statue (don't follow the stone mole that you can see in the water - locals say it is slippery and covered in sea urchins). Wear plastic shoes to keep a good grip on the slippery stones.

Unfortunately when you get to the island you will have to duck through a gap in a torn barbed-wire fence erected by Uludağ University to keep visitors out. This is ridiculous since no work is going on on the site which consists of unlabelled foundations of what look like rooms, their tops smoothed over with concrete. The views alone justify the visit.gumusluk2 (In 2013 it was suggested that the isaldn might soon be "opened" to tourists).

Otherwise if you walk up Batı Şehir Sokak, just past the Mimosa Restaurant, you will come on the right to a huge apse-like building that is the remains of a bathhouse, again behind barbed-wire and signs bidding you to keep out.

If you look at the doors and windows of the small stone houses on the beach that are now holiday lets you will see that most of them probably belonged to local Greeks (Rums) before the Turco-Greek population exchange of 1924.


If you're not into windsurfing or kayaking, there's not  a lot to do in Gümüşlük but eating features high on the short list of possiblities.

Day trippers mainly head for the string of fish restaurants near the bus terminal, all of them very inviting and offering a similar and standard repertoire of mezes and fish. The fact that breakfasts are advertised at TL25 is a fair indication that you shouldn't expect cheap pickings here.

gumusluk3Further up the northern side of the beach the Mimosa, once a small cafe, is now a restaurant of almost scary stylishness with seats set up in the sea and painted branches planted like trees beside them. Again, it goes without saying that you will get through a lot of money if you sit down to eat here.


Club Gümüşlük

Club Gümüşlük, a collection of beach chalets almost hidden in a ramshackle garden, stands right in the centre of the village overlooking Rabbit Island and a thin strip of sandy beach. The chalets are fairly basic with small bathrooms but there’s an inviting outdoor bar in the shade of a eucalyptus tree and a pleasant indoor restaurant for chillier days.

Tel: 0252-394 3401, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Yalı Mevkii

Mandalinci Studios & Cottage

At the extreme northern end of Gümüşlük beach the Mandalinci Studios are a group of self-catering apartments right beside the beach. The stone apartments are big and well-equipped, if hardly luxurious, and there’s an inviting garden to relax in. Past the Studios are the remains of a Graeco-Roman communal lavatory. The beach then loops round and passes the Mandalinci Cottage beneath a canopy of bourgainvillaea. Its solitude promises silent nights, although its view has been marred by ugly development on the far side of the bay.

Tel: 0252-394 3151, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transport info

There are frequent dolmuşes from Bodrum otogar to Gümüşlük. Check the last one back if coming here for dinner.

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