ButValleyButterfly Valley from George House, Faralya 

 Hidden away in a bay to the east of Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley is no longer  a secret to the outside world since pleasure boats in their noisy dozens descend on it every day in high season. 

The reasons for its popularity are obvious. Here a strip of (shingle) beach comes hemmed in on either side by soaring mountain walls - - in the past the only way to get here was via a treacherous path at the rear of the valley which runs down from Faralya. A path runs from the beach to the back of the valley where a small waterfall provides a focus for walks - and a reason for charging a small admission fee. The excursion boats stop just long enough for their passengers to quick-march their way to the waterfall and back.butval1

Is it worth it? Well, I've certainly seen more impressive waterfalls although the walk is pleasant enough and there really are some butterflies to keep you company. If you're staying in one of the bungalows or tents for rent here then it's certainly worth a look. If you've only got the one hour you might be better off just sitting on the beach with a cold drink. Either way, you really need waterproof shoes to wade through short stretches of stream with rocky bottoms. 


Large and small pre-erected tents and bungalows can be rented at the reception desk immediately behind the beach. If you stay the night you'll have the chance to see what the valley is like after the tours are gone. On the other hand it may not ve very quiet since there's quite a party scene here. If you prefer quietness it may be best to visit mid-week, preferably out of season.

Transport info

Unless you plan to stay the most obvious way to visit Butterfly Valley is on a Blue Cruise or a day cruise out of Ölüdeniz.

butval2Butterfly Valley-Ölüdeniz water taxiOtherwise there are also a handful of "taxi" sailings between the beach and Ölüdeniz to get campers to and from civilization.


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