A town named River                                          Population: 14,400

Cay1Market day: Wednesday

East of Afyon on the way to Bolvadin, Çay is a sleepy little place where you might not think of stopping except that in the centre stands the small ÇayTaşhan (Stone Caravanserai) that was built  in 1278 for Yakupoğlu Yusuf Bey in the reign of the Selçuk Sultan Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev III. The crest of the architect Oğul Bey appears above the entrance which is very restrained by Seçuk standards.

Across the road from the Taşhan stands the fine Sultan Alaattin Cami which started life in 1258 as a medrese with a wonderful soaring Selçuk portal of the time one might have expected to see on the caravanserai. Elaborate carvings also surround the windows and the fountain that is built into the wall. Cay2

Unfortunately both these buildings are kept locked so you might not think it worth coming to see them.

Transport info

Buses to Bolvadin from Afyon's Yeni Otogar pass through Çay. Local buses to Çay leave from Afyon's remote Köy Garaj but pass the junction near the museum which is marked by a statue of a marble-worker.

In Çay itself they leave from opposite the Sultan Alaatin Cami. 


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