"Farm Village"

ciftlik1South of Çeşme on the way to the beach at Altınkum, this small harbour and beachside settlement is unexpectedly attractive and provided you don't want anywhere too flashy to stay could make a possible alternative base to crowded Çeşme or Alacatı.

Pieces of marble incorporated into the statue of Atatürk overlooking the harbour and pieces of pillar and capital dotted about the waterfront suggest that Çiftlikköy was settled back in Roman times, perhaps as a small port (?). The other older buildings in town are a mixture of crumbling Ottoman houses built of plastered wattle and daub, and much tougher-looking stone warehouses. Some have already been restored; others are being restored; yet others still await they day in the sun. ciftlik2

The waterfront features a handful of inviting fish restaurants which seem to have a good reputation. The fish should be very fresh as it's bought at the stalls right by the harbour. 


Babaylon Hotel. Tel: 0232-722 1485

Transport info

The buses from Çeşme to Altınkum pass through Çiftlikköy (5km) every 20 minutes which means that you can easilt stop off on your way to or from the beach.

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