"Hay Mountain"                          Population: 45,000

saman1Samandağ remembers three of the young men who died in the 2013 Gezi Park protests

Old name: Süveydiye, St Symeon

A small Hatay town south of Antakya, Samandağ is hardly a place of great beauty. Despite the fact that it (or more accurately the suburb of Deniz) was the medieval port for the great city of Antioch (Antakya) after the harbour at Seleucia Pieria (Çevlik) silted up, there's nothing of historical interest left here to detain visitors.

However, it is a transit hub for the area and you may have to pause here briefly while heading for VakıflıÇevlik, or Deniz. Uzunbağ, the village that is home to St Simeon's Monastery, is on the road between Antakya and Samandağ. The old harbour may have taken its name from the stylite saint who lived at the monastery or from his better known role model, St Simeon of Aleppo. 

Samandağ is a largely Alevi town with strong leftist sympathies betrayed in the graffiti and some of the place names here.

Nearby Deniz is effectively the seaside suburb of Samandağ.

Transport info

Frequent minibuses to Samandağ leave from the main road more or less in front of Antakya's local bus terminal. Some of them continue to Deniz or to Çevlik


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