ciralibeachAt the opposite (northern) end of the beach from the Olympos backpacker hangout, Çıralı is the grown-up take on holidaying in the Bey Dağları National Park, with a succession of small pensions and hotels lining a "high street" that has a couple of grocery shops, a cake shop and not a lot else.

Its attractions are much the same as those of Olympos: the proximity of the (shingle) beach, the soaring mountain backdrop and the proxmity of the romantic ruins at Olympos and of the Chimaera high on the mountain side. 

Çıralı has become a bit of an eco-warriors' hideout with many of the pension owners into green/environmental issues, although it's also popular with holidaying families.

Çıralı is closer to the Yanartaş/Chimaera than Olympos which means that you walk to it without needing transport if you're feeling especially energetic.

You can also walk about a km along the beach to the ruins of ancient Olympos.

Other than that there's not much to do at Çıralı other than relax, enjoy the beach and perhaps take the odd boat excursion along the coast or on to Myra, Demre and Simena

Note: There is no cash machine in Çıralı.


Most of the hotels and pensions serve their own meals and there are a few pleasant enough restaurants on the beach if you don't mind having to listen to different musical styles coming at you from all sides. Prices are comparatively high for what's on offer so check the menus carefully before making your choice.

Alternatively you can pop up to Ulupınar for a trout lunch or dinner.


With only a couple of exceptions Çıralı's places to stay are low-rise and buried amid greenery. Many are bungalows or cabins set on spacious lawns with chickens running around them. If you know where you want to stay the dolmuş from the main road will be able to drop you at the door, an opportunity worth taking since the newer places are now some way from the main stop.

Olympos Lodge

Right on the beach as it starts its march out of Çiralı to Olympos this is a hotel that could hardly have a more inviting location. Its 12 luxuriously equipped bungalows are set far apart from each other around a lawn, ensuring total privacy. The ruins at Olympos are just a short walk away, the constant flames of the Chimaera a slightly longer trek. The stars at night are simply unbelievable.

Tel: 0242-825 7171, www.olymposlodge.com.tr

Akdeniz Bahçesi

Tel: 0242-825 7298, www.akdenizbahcesi.com


Tel: 0242-825 7340, www.arcadiaholiday.com

Barış Pansiyon

Sima Peace Pension

Tel: 0242-825 7245, www.simapeace.com

Transport info

Take a bus along the main Kaş-Antalya coast road and ask to be put off at the Çıralı junction. In summer a dolmuş will probably be waiting to run you down to the village; if it looks as if there will be a long wait for other passengers you can pay a bit extra to be dropped off immediately. 

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