Source of the Büyük Menderes (Meander) river               Population: 25,000

sucikan1Old names: Apamea, Cibotos

Market day: Tuesday

The small town of Dinar between Denizli and Burdur is Jeremy Seal country because it's here that the British travel writer started out on the canoe ride down the Büyük Menderes river that culminated in his travelogue, Meander.

The town itself has little to offer despite a gallant attempt to talk up local efforts to fund-raise for a plane before the start of World War Two. The Ulu Cami dates back to the 17th century but has little to show for the 300 years. 

Yet once upon a time this was the location of the Hellenistic town of Apamea, slights traces of whose theatre and stadium are visible to those with eyes to see. The foundations of a Byzantine church also survive on a hillside above the suburb of Şeyh Arap, probably the original source of the Meander although the river is now dry here. A few Greco-Roman stones survive in an evocative cemetery which contains the revered grave of an Islamic saint.

Aside from the Meander, Dinar is also the source of the rivers Marsyas, Ilıca and Incisu. Only the source of the Marsyas is remotely attractive though, with the large Suçıkan tea garden and picnic area set round a duck pond and waterfall, with a small ethnography collection housed in an unnecessarily large curved building beside it. A collection of pieces of marble and masonry found during digs around town can also be seen in an enclosure beside the tea garden. 


Grand Akdeniz Hotel

Transport info

There are regular buses and minibuses from Denizli to Dinar. Dinar's battered old otogar is on the western outskirts of town. 

Onward minibuses to Isparta leave from across the road from the Grand Akdeniz Hotel. To get to Burdur you must change in Isparta; there are no direct services. 

Infrequent trains connect Dinar to Eskişehir and İstanbul. There's also one service a day to and from Denizli but not at very convenient times. 

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