Population: 7,000

eskip1Old name: Hadrianopolis

Market day: Wednesday

Let's just say that Eskipazar is not an easy town to love. It may have a rather romantic name ("Old Market") but the modern town is the usual concrete jungle with very little to redeem it. The only vaguely interesting building is a new clocktower built from the distinctive yellow stone (sarı traverten) that is mined locally. Pavements are made from this stone too, as is the Sarı Kale, the Yellow Castle that was built above the town to serve as a restaurant in 2013.

The only reason for a visitor to stop here would be to inspect the important remains of ancient Hadrianopolis, three km beyond the town centre. Centrepiece is a huge Byzantine church with mosaic floors that is now protected inside a shed. Unfortunately this was locked when I visited so it looks as if it's only worth visiting in the summer when the archaeologists may be working here. 


There are no hotels here and no reason why you would want to stay when there is such a good choice of accommodation at Safranbolu, near Karabuk. eskip2

Transport info

The only transport that actually serves the centre of Eskipazar is the minibus from Karabük. 

Otherwise, intercity buses pass along the main road from Bolu to Karabük about 4km to the south at Mermer. Leaving Eskipazar, the different companies provide servis transport to get you to Mermer. Arriving, however, you're on your own with only one rapacious taxi driver waiting to run you into town. Unless you can visit from Karabuk this is really only a site worth visiting if you have a car. It's certainly not worth the time-wasting business of visiting from Bolu. 

To add to the other problems there are three separate bus companies serving Mermer/Eskipazar and they all leave from their own offices which means that to get departure information you need to visit each one in turn. 

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