"Mauve Spring" or "Plato's Spring"

eflatun2If you're staying in Beyşehir and have access to a car you might want to drive along the east side of the lake and follow the signs to a pond at Eflatunpınar  overlooked by what may have been the base of a giant Hittite statue with carvings dating back to the 13th century BC. These include images of half-human monsters bearing winged sun discs, bulls, gods with holes drilled into their skirts to let them act as fountains as well as images of the sun god Estan and the sun goddess Wurusemu.

Eflatunpınar appears on Turkey's list of tentative world heritage sites which makes its recent "taming" as an effective picnic area all the more sad although at least on my most recent visit the litter problem seemed to have been reduced.

At nearby Fasıllar, an unfinished monument to the thunder god still lying in a field may have been intended to go on top of the shrine. There’s a replica in the grounds of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara.eflatun4

Transport info

Without a car you would have to take any bus or dolmuş heading along the eastern side of Lake Beyşehir and ask to be dropped at the junction for the village of Sadikhacı, 8km down the road - the turning for Eftaunpınar is just before the village on the left.

The road slopes gently upwards but there's no shade so if you plan to walk wear a hat and take plenty of water.

Taxi drivers from Beyşehir will run you here for an extortionate price. 

"I saw the four Hittite kings, carved in massive stone, against a background of all the fury of the storm."

Gertrude Bell, 1907

Read more about Eflatunpınar: http://www.turkeyfromtheinside.com/blogbloggingaboutturkey/entry/71-the-hittites-with-rubbish.html


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