Old Datça                     Population: 500

eskidatca1For those who wonder why Datça has almost no old buildings Eski (Old) Datça offers the anwer which is that the original settlement here was about 3km inland from where most of the action is now.

For many years Eski Datça was completely abandoned. Then a few hoteliers latched onto the potential of its quiet cobbled streets and pretty stone houses draped with bougainvillea. Even the mosque here is small and boats a stumpy stone minaret that blends nicely with its surroundings.eskidat2

Now Eski Datça has been well and truly discovered and boasts all sorts of hotels, pensions and apartments, some of them with a New Age vibe to them. 

There's nothing much to do here if you're not on a yoga retreat except to wander the streets in admiration and perhaps browse the handful of fairly tasteful handicraft shops near the bus stop. There, too, you'll find a teahouse where long-time Eski Datça resident and poet Can Yücel (1926-99) used to while away the hours. A half-drunk glass of wine is preserved in his memory. 


Dede Pansiyon 

The Dede (Grandfather) Pansiyon consists of a cluster of self-contained apartments, each named after a different artist, and facing onto a wonderful pool and garden.

Tel: 0252-712 3951

Yağhane Pansiyon 

Nearby, the Yağhane Pansiyon is a tiny yoga retreat run by a Turkish woman who walked, with her British husband, all the way from the UK to Turkey.

Tel: 0252-712 2287

Transport info

Regular buses from Datça to Eski Datça continue on to Reşadiye. They are hourly in winter and half-hourly in high summer.

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canyucelIn memoriam Can Yücel

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