Population: Less than 2000 (winter), more than 2000 (summer)

fertek1Fertek is little more than a leafy suburb of Niğde, the sort of place to which those who've made their money there would retreat to soak up the peace and quiet. In the back streets at times there are no sounds at all bar those of the birds. 

The only reason why you would want to come to Fertek is to see the fine stone Church of Sts Michael and Gabriel in the main square. It was built in 1831 (or 1837 - the signs on the facade differ) and was turned into a mosque, the Yeni Cami (New Mosque), after the 1923 Graeco-Turkish population exchange.

Its size and impressive architecture certainly suggest that the lost Rum (Greek) community was a wealthy one. 

The mosque is open to visitors during the day if you use the small door to the left of the main one. Inside you will be able to see some of the original frescoes still surviving behind curtains in the original apse. 

In the back streets there are still many fine old stone houses with jutting cumbas (bay windows) although many seem to have been abandoned. There is also a small Greek Orthodox chapel dedicated to Timios Stavros (the True Cross) dating back to 1890.fertek2

Transport info

Buses run between Niğde's Eski Garaj and Fertek every half-hour.


fertek3Nineteenth-century frescoes still survive behind curtains in the apse of Fertek's Yeni Cami

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