Population: 5,000

gergus1Other name: Kercews (Kurdish)

Sixty-two km south of Batman via Hasankeyf, the small town of Gercüş does not on the surface offer anything of interest to visitors.

Strike out uphill towards the older part of town on the western side, however, and you will find the back streets full of old stone houses with arched wooden doors and teardrop-style carvings on their facades reminiscent of those in Mardin, Midyat and Savur. Most have been abandoned as their owners moved out of town or into concrete apartments in the centre. 

The main reason to come here though would probably be to make a side trip out east to the village of Arıca to take a look at the old Suryani church of Mor Yakup

You could also visit the abandoned village of Yamanlar (Yardo or Erde in Suryani) which is home to the church of Mor Aho.


There are boutique hotels in Midyat and good business class hotels in Batman. Hasankeyf has little to offer. 

Transport info

Hourly minibuses link Batman with Gercüş passing through Hasankeyf on the way. They leave from the İlçe Otogar (or possibly from the street outside).gercus2

Minibuses also link Gercüş with Midyat.

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