"Cave with Water"

insuyuRoughly 12km east of Burdur is the İnsuyu Mağarası, the first showcave to be opened to the public in Turkey in the 1960s.

Today a paved path leads you 330m into the hillside with low lights illuminating rock formations into which those with vivid imaginations can read mother goddess figures, crouching soldiers etc. 

The main sights of the cave are the two cave lakes. When I visited in May 2013 the Dilek Gölü (Wishing Lake) had dried up but the Büyük Gölü (Big Lake) still had water. Apparently a futher 13 small lakes lie in the closed caverns deeper into the hillside.

It's easy to visit İnsuyu on a trip to and from Sagalassos from Burdur even if you're using public transport. To be honest, though, it is by no means as impressive as the showcaves around Alanya or even near Tokat. There's a small cafe at the site. 

Transport info

İnsuyu is 1km from the main Burdur-Bucak road which makes it easy to visit even without a private car; buses from Burdur to Ağlasun (Sagalassos) also pass this way. The walk from the road is flat and there are fine mountain views to keep you company.

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