Beautifully located "Button House" village            Population: 2,000

IbradiMarket day: Friday

If you've been impressed by the so-called Düğmeler Evleri (Button Houses) of Akseki you may want to hop on the dolmuş to İbradı, a small mountain village surrounded by exquisite scenery that has more examples of a style of architecture that leaves houses with wooden rafters jutting out like the swords on the wheels of Queen Boudicca's chariot. 

The scenery around İbradı is simply breath-taking and it would be well worth walking the three km down the road to Ormana just to take advantage of the soaring, pine-clad mountains with beautiful craggy rock formations at their base. 


İbradı has one very simple hotel (Otel İbradı; tel 0242-691 2424) on the main road if you get stuck or want to linger here. 

Transport info

There are half a dozen dolmuş services to and from Akseki, continuing to Ormana and Ürünlü Köyü (for the Altın Beşik Mağarası/Golden Cradle Cave).

The road passes through the pretty hamlet of Emir Aşıklar where the Ali Paşa Konağı stands forlorn. Once a hotel in a faux Ottoman mansion with four fine Black Sea serenders (granaries) in its grounds, it has fallen on hard times and closed. A notice on the door asks you to call 0530-524 1841 but it's unlikely you'll be able to stay. EmirAHouse in Emir Aşıklar

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