Heading west from Malatya to Darende you will see a turning off on the right to the Levent Vadisi. A short drive will bring you to a turnoff on the right that ends at a Seyir Terası (Viewing Terrace) from which you can gaze out at some pretty breathtaking canyon scenery, including a rock arch and several pinnacles. Alternatively you can keep driving straight down into the valley where from the bridge over a dry riverbed you will be able to admire that same scenery from a different angle. 

Recently the authorities allowed the building of a concrete restaurant cantilevered out from the top of the rockface - it looks better from below than from above. Signs suggested that there was also a trout restaurant on the valley floor although this may have fallen victim to the disappearance of the river. 

It's possible to continue driving through the valley and then over a pass which brings you down into the Ozan Vadisi and thence to Darende although I did not actually do this. There are said to be ruins of a church at Kıliseköy inside the valley. 

Transport info

There is no public transport to get you to the Levent Valley and a taxi from Malatya is likely to be quite expensive. Since there's nothing specific to do in the valley without lots of time to go in search of possible rock-cut churches it's probably only worth coming here if you have your own car. 

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