The Tur Abdin monastery of Mor Malke stands in splendid isolation in the vicinity of the village of Dibek. It's well signposted as you approach from the village of Üçyol (Sederi). 

The original monastery dating back to the fourth century was destroyed many times, most recently in the 1920s. It was rebuilt in 1955 reusing some of the original stones and has since been extensively restored again. You will be shown the last resting place of Mor Malke, a disciple of Mor Augen, as well as a large stone with a circle cut out of it that sits in the courtyard. According to the legend, Malke had been called upon to exorcise a demon from a Byzantine princess whose father thereupon agreed to grant whatever request he might have. Malke asked him for this stone which he hung round the neck of the demon before driving it ahead of him to the monastery. 

Slight traces of the original Byzantine decoration can be seen around the apse as well as in the brickwork of the ceilings. 

In 2015 there were two monks and three nuns living in the monastery which offers fine views out over the silent, empty countryside. 

Transport info

There are no dolmuşes to this part of the world. Without your own car you can arrange a taxi from Midyat or Nusaybin, ideally taking in several other nearby churches such as the ones in Güzelsu or the monastery of Mor Yakup at Dibek in the same trip. 

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