Button House Central                             Population: less than 500

OrmanaThree km down the road from İbradı, near Akseki, is the lovely little village of Ormana where time appears to have stood still.

You come here to admire the intriguing Düğmeli Evleri (Button Houses) which were built of wood and stone with the wooden sections jutting out from them in such a way that from a distance they look as if they're studded. Some are in good condition, others are falling apart, but there are signs of a renewed interest in the style with some of the older houses being repaired and some new houses being built in a style that incorporates aspects of the chalet-like wooden cumbas into them.

You can easily walk right round the village in an hour but if you time your trip to allow for walking the three km back to İbradı you would also be able to appreciate some truly spectacular mountain scenery - this must surely be one of the most beautiful roads in Turkey. 


At present there is nowhere to stay in Ormana and only very basic accommodation in İbradi. There are two hotels in Akseki but if you have a car you might prefer to stay on the coast in Alanya for more choice of places to stay. 

Transport info

Half a dozen daily dolmuşes link Ormana to Akseki via İbradı. They continue on to Ürünlü Köyü and its impressive cave provided there are passengers. 



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