Northern shore of Lake Keban                                                      Population: 7,000

pertek1Old name: Kerar

Market day: Friday

If you're travelling between Elazığ and Tunceli you are likely to use the Pertek ferry service to cross the lake created by the Keban Barajı (dam). It's a short but scenic journey with Pertek Kalesi perched on a rocky island constantly in view - before the lake was formed it actually stood on the shores of the Murat Nehri (river).

It's no longer possible to visit the castle which appears to date back to the late 11th century when it was probably built by the Mengücek rulers. That it was later restored is apparent even from the ferry.sungurSungur Bey Cami

Driving into Pertek you'd do well to avert your eyes from the concrete "mountain" complete with mountain goats and partridges that will greet you. In the town itself the Sungur Bey Cami (1572) and similarly old Çelebi Ağa Cami give the impression that this was once an old town. In reality though the numbered stones in the walls of the mosque tell a different story.

celebiÇelebi Ağa CamiUntil 1971 both mosques stood, like the town itself, much closer to the castle. Then the Keban Barajı threatened to drown everything so the Middle East University in Ankara organized to have all the stones carefully numbered and the mosques rebuilt on higher, dry land. Modern Pertek grew up on the same site although a few mouldering kerpiç (adobe) houses suggest that some people were already living up here anyway.

Transport info

There are minibuses from Elazıg and Tunceli to Pertek at least every half-hour during daylight hours.

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