"Yellow Strand"

sarigermeOn the coast south of Dalaman, Sarıgerme is a slightly deceptive place.

As the dolmuş pulls in it appears that you've arrived in a concrete shop, restaurant and hotel complex with no sign of any beach at all. The temptation is to jump straight back into the bus and escape as fast as possible.

That would be a mistake though since, as at Ölüdeniz, an attempt has been made to protect a glorious sandy beach by pushing all development well back from it, in this case about 1.5km inland. 

The beach itself is now private with a small admission fee to use it. On the sands a range of watersports such as paraskiing are available. Turks flock here to fly kites and eat picnics amid the oleanders at the back of the beach.

There are a couple of small cafes but no other development. Watch your food or you may find it carried it away by one of the ubiquitous jays.

Storks nest on almost every pylon lining the road down to Sarıgerme.



The cheaper places to stay are all inland. They might be okay for those in search of a family holiday within reasonable reach of a good beach but otherwise this would not be a great place to stay.

Immediately behind the beach but still set back from the sand are two huge exclusive complexes - Magic Life (tel: 0252-286 8063) and Iberotel Sarıgerme Park (tel: 0252-286 8031) - that fine non-guests cheeky enough to venture into their extensive grounds. If you can afford their prices and are looking for a relaxing, do-nothing break they could fit the bill nicely.

Transport info

Regular dolmuşes run to Sarıgerme from Ortaca (Dalyan) and Dalaman. They continue right down to the entrance to the beach.

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