Home town of the kangal sheepdog                  Population: 11,000

ang1Miniature kangal dogs sold as souvenirsFrankly, Kangal is not a place where you would want to get stuck. It has no historic attractions of its own and is mainly a waystation for people heading for Divriği or, more frequently, for the Balıklı Kaplıca, 15 km away.

The kangal is a dog renowned for its skill in herding sheep. A large yellowy-beige animal with a black head (hence its alternative name, the karabaş (black head)), it is often to be seen wearing a fearsome spiked collar intended to protect it from wolves.

You should always be careful when approaching a kangal anywhere near sheep, although the kangal-crosses to be seen slouching about most towns are usually quite friendly. 

As you arrive in Kangal from Sivas you will see a kangal farm on the lefthand side of the road. Whether you want to visit will probably depend on your views on dog farms.


You're unlikely to want to stay in Kangal although the Hotel Sedef and Anadolu Otel stand side by side in the town centre if you get caught out.

Transport info

Minibuses to Kangal leave from Sivas's İlce ve Köy Terminalı beside the main otogar. It's another 85km on to Divriği from Kangal.

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