Sel1High in the hills above Manavgat lie the austere but romantic ruins of Seleucia in Pamphylia lost amid pine trees whose sighs sound like running water.

Until recently access was via a rough track but in the summer of 2012 this was tarmacked as far as the ruins of the city gate where trees were also cut down to improve visibility. 

Not much is known about Seleucia, a city possibly founded by Macedonians that later became part of the Roman Empire. Its original name, Lyrbe, was Luwian. (Some archaeologists now think this was Lyrbe and Seleucia was on the coast.)

The most impressive surviving section of what must once have been a large town is is the agora with some hefty Doric columns still in place, and a small odeon and temple opening off from one side.

The walls survive in places to two storeys, making them especially impressive. el2

Beyond the agora another small temple survives with two trees growing inside it, and other remains may be of a bathhouse. 

Everything here looks as if it was built to last with little decoration, and door and windowframes just huge unadorned slabs of stone. 

Transport info

Dolmuşes will only get you from Manavgat (13km) to the village of Buçak Şeyhler, leaving several km to walk.

A growing number of jeep safaris and coach tours from Side (19km) include Seleucia in their itineraries.

br1Naras KöprüsüIf you're going to hire a taxi from Manavgat make sure the price is not inflated to cover a rough road that has since been smoothed over.

Ask to stop on the way at the main Manavgat waterfall which, while a tourist trap, is still very beautiful.

Beyond the waterfall look out on the left for the pretty stone-built Naras Köprüsü (bridge) with what looks like a tower attached to it - it's beside the large Şirince tea garden.

As you near Seleucia you will pass several stretches of the ruined Roman aqueduct that used to bring water to the town from near Side. Some stretches are quite close to the road.el3Remains of Roman aqueduct

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