abdbey1The Hacı Abdullah Bey Konağı in Savur is surely the single finest home-stay location in Turkey, not to mention one of the finest places to live life as an Ottoman for a day. I absolutely loved my stay here.

Housed on the top floors of one of Savur's tower-houses the konak doesn't look so different externally from many other buildings in town. However, the family who own this one have taken care to retain its wonderful Ottoman features, including a stunning mirrored ceiling in the main reception room, and to furnish the rooms in appropriately Ottoman style. 

But this is no anonymous hotel. Instead you take either one of those "museum" rooms or a put-you-up in the living room, depending on how many other guests are staying and who got in first with their reservation.

Dinner is taken communally in the hallway. Expect the food to be tasty, simple home cooking rather than anything flash.abdbey2

If you're the sort of person who wants to meet a Turkish family, exchange travel tips with other guests over breakfast and generally muck in in beautiful surroundings a stay here could be a highlight of your stay. On the other hand if you prize privacy above everything else you might be better off in a more conventional hotel. 

Thumbs up: Exquisitely beautiful Ottoman tower-house, welcoming hosts

Thumbs down: Lots of stairs to reach it, little privacy

Tel: 0482-571 2127

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