SofularAs you drive from Derinkuyu towards Güzelyurt and the Ihlara Gorge you will see a turn-off on the left which leads to the Sofular Vadisi, one of the least visited of Cappadocia's many valleys.

Like so many of the rock-cut villages for which the area is famous the original village of Sofular fell victim to fears that falling rocks would kill the residents of its pretty stone-built houses. Eventually all of them were given new homes in a Yeni (New) Sofular of neat streets lined with bungalows. 

Until recently the ruins of the old village slumbered in anonymity. Now however a proper road is being laid so that visitors can drive up to it and trees are being planted all the way along it.

Clearly the authorities hope to attract visitors here. Would it be too fanciful to imagine it eventually metamorphosing into the sort of living history museum which are commonplace in the USA and UK?

Interestingly, local archaeologists found the partial skeleton of a fossilized rhino in the vicinity of Sofular in 2010.


There is nowhere to stay here. The best choice of accommodation nearby is in Güzelyurt.

Transport info

There is no public transport to get you here. Either you will need your own car or you will need to find a travel agency that can design a tour to include Sofular for you.


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