atr1On the outskirts of the village of Yenicekent near Buldan, north of Denizli, the site of ancient Tripolis, a city probably founded by the Lydians, was always known because a few stretches of wall as well as the ghostly concave shape of the lost theatre were clearly visible. 

Since 2009 methodical archaeological excavation of the site has started and already a great deal has been uncovered. Although the site is not technically open to the public yet visitors will be able to see several stretches of fine flagstoned street lined with porticoes or with the remains of temples or fountains right beside them. In one place a vast undercroft survives beneath a raised floor, perhaps belonging to a later Byzantine town.atr2

Along one stretch of street it's possible to the filled-in columns of a Doric temple that appears to have been converted into a house at a later date. The walls were covered with frescoes which still survive in part.

Away from the main excavation a separate section appears to have uncovered the outline of a bathhouse with mosaic floors.

The fields around the site are planted with vines to grow çekirdeksiz üzüm (seedless grapes), a lovely sight in spring when the leaves are bright emerald green. Closer to Yenicekent itself old sand quarry workings have also been replanted with vines. 

Transport info

There is a limited but timetabled bus service from Denizli otogar to Yenicekent which is a 1km walk from the ruins. If you miss that you could take a Buldan bus instead and get off at the junction with 4km to walk to the site. 


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