Drivers heading east from Adana towards Osmaniye will pass, on the lefthand side of the road, the massive remains of Toprakkale (Earth Castle, AKA Hamdoun), a virtual mirror image of the more easily accessible Yılankale. It is said to have been modelled on the great Krak des Chevaliers of Syria.

To access the castle you have to leave the motorway and look for a side turning from the nearest village. It's not necessarily wise to venture inside the ruins though since there are concealed cisterns and other distinct hazards. 

This castle should not be confused with the one of the same name on the outskirts of Van. 


It is not clear when the castle was first built but like most of the castles in this corner of Turkey it swapped hands frequently pasing through the keepership of the Armenians (1151), the Byzantines (1158), the Crusaders (1185), the Knights Hospitaller, the Mamluks (1266), the Armenians and the Mamluks again (1337). After the Mamluks acquired it for the second time it appears to have been allowed to fall into ruin.

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