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If you're staying in Erzurum or Erzincan, you can easily take a bus trip out to Tercan, where the clover-shaped tomb of the medieval princess Melike Mamahatun (1182) stands beside an over-restored caravanserai.

Melike Mamahatun is interesting as rare example of a female governor in this part of the world. She controlled the Saltukid emirate from 1191 to 1200 when she was overthrown in favour of her son after seeking a husband from among the Egyptian Mamluks.

It's probably only worth making the trip if you're trying to tick off every "Selçuk" site in the country, especially since on my last visit the tomb was locked and the new landscaping already sprouting weeds.


Most people will want to visit on a day trip from Erzurum which has a range of hotels in all budgets. although Erzincan has some excellent business-class hotels too. 

Transport info

Buses between Erzurum and Erzincan bypass Tercan but it's only a short walk from the main road to the tomb complex. Don't leave it until late to return in case it's hard to get a passing bus to pick you up from the highway. 300 DSC01000

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