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Midway between Sivas and Erzurum, Erzincan has had a sad history as it was battered by a series of earthquakes; in the worst in 1939 some 40,000 people lost their lives and the old town was destroyed. Afterwards a new Erzincan was built slightly to the north.

The most recent of the quakes took place in 1992. Officially 1,000 people died although locals believe the figure to be higher. There's a memorial to the victims in the Terzibaba Mezarlığı (Cemetery) west of town as you turn south towards Çağlayan. The junction is marked by the ruins of an old hamam, a last trace of the old town.

There are no lovely historic monuments here to detain a tourist, although the town attracts a lot of business travellers which means that all the many hotels along its main street can sometimes be full. 

The most prominent building in town is the modern Terzibaba Camii named after a famous local holy man who is buried some distance away in the Terzibaba Mezarlığı.terzerz

The town is known for an elaborate and colourful type of metalworking. Items like inlaid trays make lovely souvenirs if you do choose to pause here.


Fine dining may not be Erzincan's strongest suit although they do boast about their yaprak döner despite its apparent similarity to any other döner. 

Should you be planning a picnic though you might want to stock up on big black cimin grapes and on tulum peynir, cheese that has been matured in a goatskin. They're two of the town's most popular products.


Eriza Hotel. Calls itself boutique but is really just smart business hotel in a central location. Tel: 0446-223 4545

Konak Mazlum

Transport info

Erzincan's new out-of-town otogar opened in 2012 but there are not a lot of services so check times before starting out. The No 2 bus runs to the otogar but takes a circuitous route to get there.

All bus services between Sivas and Erzurum pass through Erzincan.

Dolmuşes to Kemah leave from beside the Boyaçılar Cami. There is also one early morning dolmuş every day to Kemaliye.

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Girlevik Şelalesi (waterfall)




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