atu1The great Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake) makes an extraordinary sight off to the right of the road from Ankara to Aksaray near otherwise unexciting Şereflikoçhisar.

Here you can hop out for a tea break before attempting to walk towards what looks like a stretch of water quite close to the road but is more like a mirage in the desert, receding ever further away from you as you walk towards it.

It may not always look like it but, with an area of 1600sq km, Tuz Gölü is Turkey's second largest lake. It's also the main source of Turkey's table salt although recently there have been concerns that too many companies are now extracting it, with adverse environmental consequences.

In spring migratory flamingoes arrive at the southern end of the lake to spend the summer there.


In theory you could stay at the Başkent Motel attached to the service station opposite the official "entrance" to the lake on the Aksaray-Amkara road. I did not have time to take a look but it didn't look very inviting. 

In summer you might want to camp beside the lake although the development near the service station is hardly beautiful. atu2

Transport info

Most buses plying the Ankara to Nevşehir route pass through Şereflikoçhisar where you would be able to pick up a taxi to the lake. The Metro bus services even time their teabreaks so that customers can walk down to the shore instead if they'd prefer to. 



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