veyselUnless you're a particularly devout Muslim you wouldn't want to go out of your way to visit this popular shrine that stands at the point where the Batman to Siirt road meets up with the one to Diyarbakır one. On the other hand if you're driving the road anyway you might want to pause for a brief look, especially as you'll be able to lunch on büryan kebabı here too.

The shrine itself stands in a compound alongside a very ordinary small mosque. In itself it's not very big either and although the actual shrine is decorated with wood carving almost as fine as that at Tillo the tiles and paintwork are unexceptional.

Veysel Karanı was a holy man who lived in Yemen at more or less the same time as the Prophet Mohammed. Despite never having met him, he is said to have become a believer in Mohammed. 

Hırka-ı Şerif Cami In the Fatih district of İstanbul there is a mosque that preserves a tunic (hırka) said to have been given to Veysel Karani by the Prophet Mohammed. It is put on display during Ramazan every year. 

Around the shrine can be found an astonishing number of stalls, most of them selling sweets in lurid colours. Frankly, it's not all that exciting although if you visit on a Friday or over a weekend the crowds might be impressive.veysel1

Transport info

All the buses from Batman to Siirt via Kozluk pass by Veysek Karani which is also known as Ziyareti (Pilgrimage Site). 


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