Favourite yachter's hangout                                                                                 Population: 4,500


Old name: Kalimche

Market day: Sunday

North of Fethiye lies the small resort of Göcek where the yachting fraternity drops anchor to stock up on provisions. For their benefit two separate marinas have been opened at either end of the waterside promenade, itself lined with more yachts, pleasure boats taking trippers to and from Fethiye, and the occasional surviving fishing boat.

A popular boat trip out of Fethiye brings tourists here to visit the Sunday market which takes place in a space just inland from the Skopea Marina beside the huge, newly built Cultural Centre. In truth, though, this is very similar to most other Turkish markets but with prices marked up to reflect a largely tourist clientele. If you've visited the much bigger Tuesday market in Fethiye it will probably seem quite disappointing - unless you need to stock up on deck shoes.

Göcek has some classy shops and restaurants to cater to the yachtees, especially along the landscaped waterfront where the West Cafe & Bistro dishes up some excellent home-made cakes and smoothies as well as full meals. None of it comes cheap though, and Göcek's big problem is that it has no historic sites or formal attractions to entertain the non-yachting fraternity.gocek2


A few cheaper hotels and self-catering apartments can be found at the back of Göcek, near the main Fethiye-Dalaman road.

Swissotel. Tel: 0252-645 2760

Villa Dan Lin

Right in the centre of the main shopping street, this stylish little hotel runs to a small pool although it's unlikely to offer absolutely silent nights.

Tel: 0252-645 1521, www.villadanlin.com

Transport info

During the week minibuses connect Göcek to Fethiye's köy garaj more or less every half-hour. At weekends the service drops to once an hour.

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gocek3Göcek's Çarşı Cami has a nicely tiled şadırvan (ablutions fountain)



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