The "Green Mountain"                                                  Population: 1,000

yesildag1If you're driving from Beyşehir to Kubad Abad to see the remains of the Selçuk palace you will pass through the village of Yeşildağ which promotes itself as home to the Leylek Vadisi (Stork Valley).

To find it head out through the northern side of town until you see a big roadside cemetery. It's actually in here that large numbers of storks come to nest every year on the juniper trees and a fine sight they make above the headstones. yesildag3

The village itself is also worth a quick look since it retains a lot of fine stone houses with elaborately carved cumbas (bay windows), here called balkons (balconies) or kules (towers).

There's a small teahouse in front of the Belediye building.

Transport info

Dolmuşes to Yeşildağ leave from the waterside in Beyşehir across the road from the old Çankaya Pension. They leave as and when they please so you may be better off hiring a taxi. yesildag2

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