Population: 13,000

yenipaz2Old name: Orthosia

The small town of Yenipazar, west of Nazilli, has signed up to the Slow City movement - although life here is so slow anyway that it seems something of a bandwagon-hop.

The only reason you're likely to want to come here is if you're interested in the local braves known as the efes and in Yörük Ali Efe (1895-1951) in particular. His house in town actually burnt down in the 1980s but has been pleasingly rebuilt and is now open to the public as a small museum, mainly of interest if you want to know how late Ottoman houses were furnished. There are also lots of photographs although because they're roped off you can't really get close enough to appreciate them. Yörük Ali is buried in the grounds.yenipaz4

A large mosaic from Graeco-Roman Orthosia depicting gladiators, tigers and mythological scenes that was uncovered here can be seen in Aydın Museum. 

Otherwise, the snails that symbolise the Slow City movement can be seen in tile crawling up the colourful steps at the back of the town that lead to a restored windmill. 

Transport info

Half-hourly minbuses link Nazilli with Yenipazar.

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