alila1Just across the road from the lake at Köyceğiz, this lovely little family-run hotel has a small pool in its front garden which doubles as a restaurant in the evenings. The bedrooms are simply designed but delightful, with double beds, small tables and TVs with some English programming. The best have lake-facing balconies swathed in bougainvillea in summer - mine had the bonus of a swallow's nest which made for a bit of mess but also the pleasure of seeing a little head popping out to survey the scenery with me. 

Bathrooms are small, simple and lack hair driers but come with plenty of hot water. 

Breakfast is taken in a covered area at the back of the garden. I found it uninspiring, especially since I had to keep asking for hot water for the coffee. In winter dinners are offered in a fine ground-floor dining room with a wonderfully carved wooden ceiling.

The biggest problem was that the night I stayed loud music downstairs went onto until 2 am. It was a Friday night in summer and I was probably unlucky. Still, you might want to check whether any parties are booked for dinner since the noise was such as to make even watching the television, let alone sleeping, impossible.alila2

Thumbs up: Delightful rooms, great location

Thumbs down: Disappointing breakfast, noise late at night

Tel: 0252-262 1150, Emeksiz Caddesi

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