argos1Tucked away out of sight of the main road that skirts Uçhisar on its way from Nevşehir to Avanos, Argos in Cappadocia is as much an experience as a hotel. A labour of love for its İstanbullu owner, it has been more than 15 years in the making and is now effectively a hotel mahalle (neighbourhood) of small separate houses that mimic the old houses that used to stand in an abandoned part of the village. 

Argos has everything going for it if you can afford the inevitably hefty price tags. The views are absolutely stunning with not a jarring note to be seen from the glorious lounge with its summer terrace and winter fireplace. The cave bedrooms are veritable suites full of carefully thought out detail. The menu at the Seki Restaurant is a gourmet delight where oenophiles can pick a bottle from what must surely be the best stocked wine cellar in Cappadocia.

In the Bezirhane, an ancient rock-cut church turned linseed-oil factory, it even has a multi-purpose events venue where you may be able to catch a concert or lecture to while away the evening.argos2

Interspersed between the different houses that make up the hotel are extensive, beautifully maintained gardens, while on the very edge of the property a huge fairy chimney riddled with rooms is being turned into a museum.

Even now there are museum features to the hotel where the owner's different collections of ethnic artefacts are on beautiful display. 

Thumbs up: Magnificent views, impeccably furnished rooms, great restaurant and lounge-bar

Thumbs down: Like most Cappadocian properties Argos features many flights of steps that might be a problem for some visitors.

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