aksac1If you're looking for somewhere to stay right in the heart of Malatya, the Aksaç (White Hair) Hotel might just fit the bill. It's in a fairly quiet side street just off the main square and within easy walking distance of all the town's other attractions. 

The building is no great beauty and the reception area is a rather sprawling, focusless space. Some of the bedrooms, however, are spacious and comfortable although you might want to look at a couple of them before deciding - those at the back might seem likely to be quietest but are not as attractive as the ones at the front which turn out to be perfectly quiet anyway. 

My room had a large double bed looking onto an equally large television with AlJazeera. It was attractively decorated although I found the air-con unit too weak for real comfort. There was a fridge but it had nothing but a couple of bottles of water in it. On the other hand there was a kettle for making your own tea or coffee.

I changed to a second room that was cooler but was designed so that bedside tables didn't fit beside beds and TV faced the wardrobe. In neither room was there a light switch anywhere near the bed.

Both bathrooms were fairly small and lacked windows so felt rather stuffy. They had reasonable walk-in showers though. 

The breakfast room is on the fourth floor but the view of Malatya is of grim concrete, probably better unseen. The breakfast was extremely indifferent, especially for the price. I was staying in Ramazan so conceivably it would be better at other times but there was almost nothing fresh - even the bread rolls were packeted. 

Thumbs up: Good location, attractive decor

Thumbs down: Few steps up to hotel entrance, no light switches anywhere near beds

Tel: 0422-324 1011

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