beyevi1In a village choc-a-bloc with wonderful hotels and places to eat, the lovely Bey Evi in Alaçatı still manages to stand head and shoulders above most of the competition not just because it is so lovely to look at - which it is - but also because of the excellence of its breakfasts and dinners, and the attentiveness and efficiency of its staff. This is a place where no sooner have you mentioned the possiblity of a flat battery in a remote control device than it has been replaced, where breakfast comes served on a raised wooden platter, and where a piano stands ready in the lounge for those long winter evenings when this will be one of the very few hotels still open for business.

The Bey Evi stands at the far end of the main shopping street, past the worst of the crush but still in a location where you might suspect that your nights would be disturbed by street noise, only to find that they're not. It goes more or less without saying that all of its rooms are individually designed - mine had a lovely white French-style suite that looked great against the parquet floor. In what was already a spacious room the raftered roof gave a feeling of even greater space that would be especially welcome in high summer which is when Alaçatı comes into its own. beyevi2

My bathroom was a tad small but utterly delightful, the lavendar accoutrements adding to the feel of Provence brought about by the pale blue shuttered windows set against grey stone walls.

The enclosed garden comes with a charming pool and pool bar. Otherwise, the main eating area sits immediately behind the lounge-cum-recpetion area. Much of it is shaded with a vine. Here, too, there is a pizza oven and you can watch ultra-thin pizzas being rolled out for your supper. Of course the menu also features a range of other Turkish and international favourites - prices are steep but quality is tip-top. 

Thumbs up: Wonderful oasis with absolutely delicious rooms and excellent food.

Thumbs down: Some people will find Alaçatı in high summer a bit hard to take - come in the shoulder seasons to get the most out of your stay.

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Tel: 0232-716 8085, http://www.beyevi.com.tr/eng/beyevi3

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