berrak1It's hard to escape the feeling that the Berrak Otel in Salihli is pulling a fast one when you know that it charges exactly the same as the nearby La Bella while offering rooms that are nowhere near as nice. Still, the La Bella is often full and the Berrak is comfortable enough and some people will like its sprawling ground-floor lounge with a small coffee and tea corner as a place to meet and chat. 

The bedrooms are in sore need of renovation. It's not that they're uncomfortable, just that the decor is so dated - the schoolroom table and chairs should go without more ado!

A start has been made with nearly equipped bathrooms. The shower units are attractive and the rooms look nice but turn out to have drawbacks such as rubbish bins concealed in the wall behind the door rather than near the toilet and sinks that cannot be properly plugged. 

The first-floor breakfast room is inviting, and teh choice and service good but really for this price breakfast should finish at 10am, not 9.30am.

The wifi connection uses one of those complicated systems that never works for more than about five minutes.

The location is as good as La Bella's with everything - shops, restaurants, the market, the bus terminal - within easy reach.

Thumbs up:Good location, comfortable enough rooms

Thumbs down:Old-fashioned decor, abbreviated breakfast time, lousy wifi

Tel: 0236-713 1452, Belediye Caddesi

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