erdefHandily located close to the main roundabout and the Belediye building, Siirt's Hotel Erdef has certainly seen finer days and its exterior is, frankly, unpromising. Persevere, though, and you may find that it's a more comfortable place to stay than you might expect.

My bedroom (the same one when I stayed here six or seven years ago) was rather a strange shape, a sort of semi-suite with the bed in one part of the room separated from a sitting area with a fridge and TV in front of it. It's biggest drawback was that it faces onto the local Jandarma post which means that the curtains have to be kept closed. 

Surprisingly, the wall-mounted TV had AlJazeera and the wifi worked well. The bed was also very comfortable although I didn't check the air-con (sorry).

The bathroom was spacious although old-fashioned in design. Plenty of hot water which is what really matters though. 

Breakfast in the first-floor dining room was fairly simple but there was none of the fuss that sometimes happens when I asked for Nescafe instead of tea.

All in all, then, while I assume the comforts at the newer Barden Hotel would be greater I was pretty happy with this hotel, even on a second viewing. Note - I glanced into room number 114 and reckoned that might be the nicest. 

Thumbs up: Good central location, reasonable price, unexpectedly comfortable

Thumbs down: No lifts. Wouldn't do to have an aversion to blue as everything is some shade of that colour.

Tel: 0484-223 1081, Cumhuriyet Caddesi

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