kalbur1Recent years have seen a lot of work done to make the Hisar area of Bursa more inviting for tourists. As part of that effort the lovely new Kaleiçi Hotel has opened in a restored Ottoman house just minutes away from the remains of the Fetih Kapı, the Conquest Gate in the old city walls through which Osman I (or possibly his son Orhan) led the Ottoman troops to victory against the Byzantines in 1326. 

Although the hotel is out of my price range which means that I haven't been able to stay I was impressed by the design of the reception area and of the bedroom I looked at which was decorated in restrained but attractive Ottoman style and had a small verandah area overlooking  the garden where breakfast is served. The Hisar is generally a quiet area but this garden was full of birdsong in early evening, a lovely sound in an urban context. 

There are only seven rooms so it would be wise to book ahead. kalbur2

Thumbs up: Great, quiet location, nice decor, private parking 

Thumbs down: Steps up to main entrance

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Tel: 0224-223 1707

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