karst1The first and so far only hotel to be housed in one of the fine old buildings squeezed in between the Kaleiçi (Castle) district of Kars and Faikbey Caddesi, the main street, the Kar's Oteli only goes to prove that these days in Turkey you're never too far away to be able to stay in a boutique hotel.

The Kars Oteli may look austere from the front but if you step round the back the dark stone quickly gives way to a pair of lovely whitewashed balconies that could have come from Edirne

It's a small hotel - only eight rooms including three suites - and some will feel that the bedroom decor errs on the bleak side of neutral-coloured minimalism. Only the bathrooms break out a bit with their big mirrors and up-to-the-minute sinks. In the standard rooms LCD TVs stand on the desk leaving little room for work but there's a lovely suite which has no such problems. Instead of a minibar there's a basket of goodies for sale. karst2

The basement Ani Restaurant has jollier decor and offers a menu of mainly international dishes, with pastas and salads featuring prominently. There's a little sitting area by the fire at the far end. 

Thumbs up: Reuse of historic building, stylish bathrooms

Thumbs down: Shortage of power points in some rooms; pricing in euros

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Tel: 0474-212 1616, www.karsotel.com, Halitpaşa Caddesi No. 31 karst3

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