turistikI wanted to love this hotel, really I did, since I'd first stayed in it way back in 1992 when Diyarbakır was a very different place. Unfortunately although it had some great characteristics it suffered from the same Fawlty Towers-ish failings as some of the cheaper Kıbrıs Caddesi places.

My first room had a quiet location which the bellboy was keen to point out overlooked the (empty) swimming pool (it was October). This meant that it was potentially a nice, quiet room. Unfortunately the wi-fi connection was hopeless so I moved to another room facing the street with the inevitable traffic noise in the background.

The decor of both rooms was stylish and modern but I was unable to turn on the TV in the first one or to turn it off in the second where the necessary buttons on the side of the set were so close to the wall that there was no way to see them. This second TV was also mounted on the wall in a position that meant only someone sitting on the bedside cabinet would have been able to look straright at it.

The ground floor has an inviting sitting area and a large restaurant, open to outside customers, with pleasant live music. But when I tried to eat there there was no menu ( it was "at the printer's"), and the display of fish suggested to me that it would be easy to run up a bigger bill than anticipated. 

In the morning the same restaurant offered a fine breakfast spread with all the trimmings including soup and omelettes. The effect was ruined for me though by an argument over whether they could provide me with a Nescafe and by the uncleared dishes littering most of the tables. 

A shame. With just a little more attention to detail this could be a great hotel. As it is I was happy to check out. 

Thumbs up: Pool (assuming it opens in summer), good location near sights, comfortable bed, pleasing decor

Thumbs down: Fuss about Nescafe for breakfast, too many things not quite working properly

Tel: 0412-224 7550

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