Edirnekervan2If you’re visiting Edirne to wonder at the great Ottoman architect Sinan’s masterpiece, the Selimiye Cami, how could you resist the opportunity to spend the night in another of his buildings, the Kervansaray Hotel, which he built between 1560 and 1561 for Süleyman the Magnificent’s grand vizier Rüstempaşa?

The hotel could hardly be more central since it's just behind the Eski Cami and a stone's throw away from the Selimiye. Across the road is the Bedesten with a lot of little stalls selling tava ciğer (fried liver) in front of it.

Rooms come with high domed ceilings and big brick chimneys (no longer functioning, sadly). Small private bathrooms with half-tubs have been inserted, and there is TV and wi-fi although no air-con which could be tough in summer. Beds come with Ottomanesque top covers over old-fashioned sheets and blankets but there are more electric sockets than you might anticipate. keredi

Everything is on a grand scale with seemingly never-ending corridors leading to some of the rooms. As you walk along them you get constant glimpses of domes.

The hotel makes a perfect wedding venue so it might not be the best place to be at weekends, and it's a shame that the wedding decorations continue to fill the rear courtyard even when there's nothing actually happened since they detract from the great sense of history that is the hotel's biggest selling point.

Thumbs up: Oozes historic atmosphere, great central location

Thumbs down: Good breakfast but served in lesser of two courtyards, wedding paraphernalia left out to spoil effect of building

Tel: 0284-212 6119



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