Possibly the old Pontic Gaziura                                              Population: 64,000

TurhalMarket day: Wednesday 

On the banks of the Yeşilırmak (Green River), Turhal has a superb setting at the foot of a craggy rock on which the remnants of a castle can be seen.

Unfortunately there's not much other than the view to appreciate here (although you can do that from several riverside tea gardens). Instead Turhal is really somewhere to while away the odd half-hour in between buses en route from Tokat to Zile.

The riverside Ulu Cami was built in 1544 for the İstanbul mayor Emini İshak. Its brick minaret is picturesque, the interior dull.

Also by the river is the Keşikbaş Cami built in 1759 for Şeyh Hacı Mustafa Efendi whose tomb is attached to the side. Tur2Keşikbaş Cami


If you need to stay on business the new Hotel Teknal (Tel: 0356-275 1542) is right in the city centre, 

Transport info

Frequent minibuses leave from Tokat's city-centre local bus station. They leave when full.

This is also where you pick up the minibuses for Zile.

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