Thoughts reverent and irreverent from the road in Turkey

As night bus rides go I suppose the run from Göreme to Adiyaman could have been worse if only it hadn’t got me into town at 5.30am. What does one do in a strange town at such an hour? Stroll pathetically along the street pausing to admire the museum’s splendid...
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On what must have been one of the coldest evenings of the year I took to the streets to see what was happening with the attempt to revive the Tatavla Baklahorani Carnival. Once a feature of “Clean Tuesday”, the Monday before the start of Lent in Greek Orthodox tradition, this...
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It probably didn’t help that a power outage had knocked out the lights and the escalators linking 4.Levent station with the new Sapphire Shopping Mall or that the pavement in front of it was so badly cracked that it had had to be fenced off. However, whoever designed the entrance of...
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House-sitting in Istanbul in a Cihangir flat with a splendid view over Sarayburnu, Kadıköy and the point where the Bosphorus empties itself gently into the Sea of Marmara. At least it should be a splendid view were it not for the cold Siberian blasts that have been holding the city in...
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“It’s not Eskişehir (Old City) any more, it’s Yenişehir (New City),” or so say the wags at the otogar, and really they do have a point. Not so long ago Eskişehir was a town that most visitors barely troubled with a second glance. It was not that there was anything...
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