kocmuseumThe main reason to come to the Golden Horn suburb of Hasköy ("Imperial Village") is to visit the Rahmi M Koç Museum, Turkey's first industrial heritage museum. A visit could take best part of a day if you include time for lunch, but if you have some time left over there are a few other minor monuments worth looking at as you head back towards the town centre.

Hasköy used to be one of İstanbul's most important Jewish neighbourhoods and is still home to a large Jewish cemetery containing around 20,000 graves with inscriptions in languages as varied as Ladino, Hebrew and Greek. The most famous person buried here was Abraham Kamondo (1781-1873), patriarch of an important 19th-century banking family who left their mark on many buidlings in the Galata and Karaköy area.

Rahmi M. Koç Museum
The Rahmi M. Koç Museum (closed Mondays, admission fee) is housed inside a surprisingly beautiful old anchor-making factory and in the cluster of buildings around an old shipyard at Hasköy. Come here to sigh over glistening old Chevrolets and Jaguars from the days before we all started worrying about the environment and to inspect all types of transport from some of the city's original tram carriages to the railway compartment in which Sultan Abdülaziz traveled to Paris in 1867. It all adds up to a great day out for children.

Around Hasköy

If you start walking back towards the town centre from the museum you will come almost immediately to sections of the old and elegant Galata Bridge jutting out into the Golden Horn from a small park. 

Shortly afterwards you come to the inviting Safiye Sultan Cafe housed in what was originally the brick-built Esgher Synagogue.

Beyond that if you divert north along Baçtar Sokak you will come to the walled compound enclosing the Church of Hagia Paraskevi, built originally in Byzantine times but rebuilt in 1692 and extensively remodelled in the ealy 19th century. It sits in an inviting garden and you can sometimes get inside to visit. haskoy2

Near the church Galerist (closed Mondays, Tel: 0212-252 18 96, www.galerist.com.tr) hosts temporary art exhibtions in an old yarn factory.

Transport info
The nicest way to get to Hasköy is by ferry from Eminönü or Üsküdar although there are also frequent buses from Taksim

Nearby areas





Read more about Hasköy: http://www.turkeyfromtheinside.com/blogbloggingaboutturkey/entry/19-behind-thegolden-horn-shipyards.html

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