sari1Sarıyer is as far up the European shore of the Bosphorus as most people can travel without a car. Although it's still a part of the conurbation it has something of the feel of a place apart on account of its remoteness from the city centre. Still, it boasts all the same ingredients as other Bosphorus suburbs: graceful wooden yalıs (waterside mansions), boats bobbing up and down in the harbour, and fish restaurants aplenty.

There are not many specific attractions although many Turks come here to visit the shrine of Telli Baba.

Around Sarıyer

The best place to get out of the bus is the fishing harbour where a statue of Atatürk in opera cape and top hat greets all comers. On either side of the harbour are fine wooden yalıs, some of them restored, some seeking new owners. 

To find the finest of them all you actually have to head inland in search of the multi-faceted wooden mansion occupied by Kizılay (Red Crescent). It is unique in its elegant design. 

If you trek uphill to Havantepe you will  be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Bosphorus.

The Yeni Mahalle neighbourhood is home to the 19th-century Greek Orthodox Church of Hagios Iohannes Prodoromos (St John the Baptist).sari2

To find the popular shrine of Telli Baba you need to head out of Sarıyer on the road to Rumeli Kavağı. Externally it is not particularly alluring. Inside, however, you'll find the tomb of İmam Abdullah Efendi, AKA Telli Baba because of the strips of silver thread (tel) tied to his tomb. Those in search of a marrage partner sometimes come here to pray for his intervention, taking with them one of the threads which they will return in thanks once the desired partner materializes.

Various stories are told about Telli Baba although they make little sense since one suggests that he lived in the 15th century and another in the 19th. Since the Kadiri sect wear turbans decorated with silver threads he may have been one of their dervishes and resident at a lost lodge on the site. 

sari3Transport info

Buses to Sarıyer leave from Kabataş, Beşiktaş and Taksim. 

Occasional Şehir Hatları ferry services link Sarıyer to Rumeli Kavağı and Andolu Kavağı.

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Rumeli Kavağı

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