At Cape Helles, the southern tip of the Gelibolu Yarımadası beyond Eceabat and Kilitbahir, is Abide (Monument), the huge Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial overlooking the Dardanelles.

As pieces of sculpture go, this is hardly the most beautiful example in the world, looking, as it does, like an outsize upside-down table. Still, it’s an evocative reminder of all the Turks who died in the Gallipoli Campaign and is surrounded by a rose garden planted in 1995 on the 80th anniversary of the battle.

Inland from Abide there are several little visited Gallipoli war cemeteries which those with a particular interest in the campaign might want to explore. British visitors might also like to see the Cape Helles British Memorial near the village of Seddülbahir.


Most visitors to Abide will stay in Eceabat or Çanakkale but there is also some suprrisingly pleasant accommodation near Abide, especially in Seddülbahir village.

Hotel Kum. Tel: 0286-814 1455

Pansiyon Helles Panorama, Seddülbahir. Tel: 0286-862 0035

Transport info

You will probably need to hire a taxi in Eceabat or Kilitbahir to visit Abide.


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